Welcome to Ace Logistics

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  • Claims processing taking too long
  • Paying too much for FCL & LCL shipments
  • Perishable & urgent consignments taking too long
  • Not getting the best shipping route vs price on your freight
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  • Single point of contact with 25+ years of experience
  • Account Managers and accountability in their roles
  • Our success comes down to reliability & personalized service
  • We research the best routes to save you time and money
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  • Constant Driver Shortages.
  • Unreliable Fleet of Trucks.
  • Rising Transport Operator Costs
  • Unreliable Customer Service Delivery
  • Transport Industry contributes to carbon emissions.
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  • Full day & night shift crew 24/7 to minimize any delays.
  • We use the right equipment for the job.
  • Our truck and trailers are new lighter and more cost-effective.
  • Vast industry experience and a preferred Container Transport provider to the POAL.

Our Services

Total Freight Solution Specialists

  • At Ace Logistics, we offer various Freight Services ranging from Air Freight, Sea Freight, Marine Freight, Customs Clearance, Full & Empty Containers, Door to Door Service, On Call Service, Dangerous Goods Service, and Dedicated Service. Our client's satisfaction is our priority and we are mindful of building a healthy relationship with our customers.

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Air Freight

If speed and reliability are 2 major factors in your business then Ace Logistics understands that time is money. Our airfreight services can deliver both at the best rates available throughout the year.

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Sea Freight

The strength of our relationships with shipping lines is vital to the ongoing delivery of our service which provides the best contract rates & right partners to handle all of your shipping requirements.

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Custom Clearance

As an importer or exporter, there can be heavy fines & penalties for incorrectly classified items, it is imperative that your Customs Broker is experienced & has current knowledge of tariff concessions.

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Land Freight

Ace Logistics has the equipment, and provides FCL & LCL transport solutions for all of your Road, Rail, Coastal needs with professionally trained drivers that are highly skilled at their given tasks.

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Dangerous Goods

Ace Logistics has the equipment and the capability to handle all your FCL & LCL dangerous goods container needs with professionally trained drivers that are highly skilled at their given tasks.

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Storage & Warehousing

Ace Logistics can provide a 3PL hassle free, secured storage service.&  Complemented with 24/7 access to a cloud-based inventory management system while freeing up valuable space in your premises.


Efficient Fleet

Ace Logistics use the latest EURO 5 standard equipment to drive efficiency while reducing the carbon footprint. Our new fleet of vehicles are highly maintained which means no unnecessary breakdowns, oil leaks and delays for our customers. We maintain a high standard of fleet and pass the benefits on to our customers and most of all the environment.

Goods Tracking

Ace Logistics uses the latest tracking technologies to provide you with instant updates on the progress of all goods during transportation. We keep you informed on where the freight is, where it’s going, and how long it’s going to take to get there, all at your fingertips using your mobile phone or computer!


Green Freight

Ace Logistics is one of the first Commercial Operators to be 100% carbon neutral. You might think that a transport company has vehicles that run on fossil fuels, so how can we be carbon neutral? Ace logistics achieves this by utilising green initiatives such as recycling and offsetting the carbon footprint by Join a community tree planting day once a year – It’s a great experience for everyone.

Why Ace Logistics

We dare to be the best with our promise, commitment, and most of all... we love what we do! We focus on our customer’s needs, while our success comes down to reliability, integrity, and consistency of our services that you can trust. We use research and technology to continuously improve our services which makes us the #1 choice for all your transport needs!